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abhRam – The Cloud Team

abhRam - the cloud is the Cloud Business Unit of GenX and helps customers in managing “Digital Disruption” around their businesses. The impact of Cloud, Social Networks and Mobile together with Big Data Analytics are impacting the businesses to an extent that these could be real threats to the way the businesses are currently managed. Retaining and acquiring new customers from customers’ behavious on Social Network and cloud through excessive usage of Mobile Applications require different types of real-time analytics. But at the same time, there is too much of noise in the Social Networks hence the relevant information or Intelligence has to be separated and acted upon properly. This is the expertise of abhRam team at GenX; understanding “Digital Disruption” with respect to customers’ environment and building the right solution to manage it.

In the current cost competitive world every enterprise is looking to optimize capital cost by utilizing IT infrastructure in the cloud whether it is only Compute or applications and tools. abhRam team can help you build your own cloud or transcend you to public cloud or create a hybrid cloud model as per your enterprise’s requirements and budget. abhRam team can help you setup your development environment in cloud whether it is .NET or Java. It can help you get access to various cloud based applications and build your business processes on top of them, again either on cloud or in-premise. If you have various cloud applications and looking at integration amongst them or writing processes on top of your cloud applications, abhRam team has experienced professionals to help you. In addition, there are many organizations who want to integrate with their partners or vendors through APIs or Web Services, or want to monetize their IT infrastructure environment by publishing and monetizing their APIs in a secured manner. Again, abhRam professionals have expertise to execute such business plans and across multiple clouds technologies.