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Application Services

We offer bespoke software application development and support services based on client's business requirements. Our flexible approach in designing the solution helps our clients in maximizing ROI from their investments on a 'Year on Year' basis.

We believe that a single pricing model is not sufficient for different business need. As every client is different so will the engagement model be. To take care of this we design custom made engagement model based on each client's specific business requirement. Other than the client specific engagement models we also work on industry standard models such as

  • Fixed Cost Model
  • Time and Material Model
  • Offshore Development Center (ODC)

In this model requirements from a client are analyzed by our team of business analysts. Our team of business analysts comes up with a functional understanding document called statement of work. (SOW) After approval of the SOW a fixed cost is agreed with client to deliver the solution in mutually agreed timeframe.

This model is best suited for clients who have a well laid out set of business processes that need to be mapped to a technology solution. The client knows the budget that is required to be allocated for getting the solution implemented at the start of the project itself. It also helps them in managing the change requests in the approved SOW from their business users in a better way.

Certain clients have either requirements coming in small chunks or they have their own teams and want to hire additional team members on need basis for short duration to take up the increased workload.

In such cases Time & Material (T&M) is the best suited model. Here the client is charged for only the actual number of hours that are spent on their project and are not liable for any fixed or recurring cost of such resources. The billing for this is done on per hour basis based on approved timesheets of each resource by the client. This model helps the clients to plan their spends on need basis.

ODC functions as a cost effective unified extension of your organization's own development center. This radical concept has combined features of first two models. In this model as per the client technology and experience requirement, a dedicated team of resources is established at our location. The client is charged based on per FTE basis.

This model is suitable for the clients:

  • Involved in developing products and want to control the project cost without compromising quality
  • Who want to create their Offshore IT department
  • With several small applications and wants to maintain them at an affordable recurring cost

It's a winning formula for those clients who looking for already established solution providers having world class infrastructure at an affordable cost.