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Business Process Outsourcing

GenX provides business process outsourcing services for the global mortgage market. We help companies in the mortgage market save cost & optimize their business with improved quality. We have clients from the UK mortgage where we help them succeed by providing them back office support for their mortgage product management engine.

We have exposure in providing US based mortgage lenders services like loan processing; post-closing & underwriting. In case you are interested to know how we can be fruitful to you in US mortgage processing services, please contact us.

Mortgage Product Management
DPR Consulting: Mortgage Product Management

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DPR consulting is an award winning technology and business process specialist, operating exclusively in the UK retail lending and savings arena. In addition, DPR's consultancy arm provides both business and technology consulting services.

DPR's Mortgage Bench is a B2B platform linking Mortgage Intermediaries with multiple Mortgage Lenders. The suite provides a complete product sourcing and processing solution for packagers, networks and other mortgage intermediaries. The system supports full online application (FMA), decision in principle (DIP) and the generation of KFI documents.

While DPR was busy in designing technology solutions to address the industry's current challenges, they required a team of specialists who not only can focus on maintaining the back office product engine of Mortgage bench but also to match pace with their ongoing development and changes in the sourcing system.

We designed a complete solution for the product management lifecycle which not only provided them the time zone advantage but with the improved efficiency and accuracy.

Lender Check
The team does a daily check for the product updates on all the supporting lenders. The lenders are divided in three categories based on the number of services offered by them.

Product update
The team updates the new / modified products in the Mortgage Bench through three process steps:
  • Loading of products
  • Promotion of products across three environments of Mortgage Bench
  • Testing

Compliance testing (KFI's)
To verify the fees offered by the lenders. The information verified by GenX team is used to create critical compliance documents by the users of Mortgage Bench.
With the existing process re-engineered at GenX, DPR was able to gain significant advantages in terms of quick turnaround time, maximized market reach & high level of accuracy in the displayed products. Due to this improved back office process, DPR saved time, efforts and costs which they are now using to focus on their core business areas.