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KulyA – Enterprise Application Integration

GenX strongly believes that IT department of any Enterprise has to bring strong value to the Company. Over the years, Enterprises have invested huge amount of money in building IT infrastructure by primarily setting up Enterprise Applications. Unfortunately, these applications work in silos delivering their individual set of tasks. But the Enterprise runs on processes which are specific to its own business model and operational procedures. These two parameters differentiate any Enterprise from the rest and hence the focus of IT should be to ensure that IT infrastructure is aligned to these two Enterprise-wide parameters.

This means that IT Department has to ensure the followings:

  • Enterprise Business Objects are properly defined, unique across the entire organization and accessible to all IT Applications and various users as per their access rights and roles.
  • The IT Applications, legacy or new should be leveraged with various kinds of data transformation and mediation mechanisms to allow carrying of information across the organization.
  • Business Processes are defined by the business users or business analysts based on Enterprise Objects and their transformation during a process. These processes should be implemented with ease, should provide deep visibility into execution and any exception is highlighted to right people at right time.
  • In the current era of “Push” based execution, all relevant information should be pushed to the user irrespective of access medium.

KulyA – carrying the flow, originates from Sanskrit word for canal which carries water to various fields of different crops for irrigation. This is a highly specialized Business Unit of GenX which has expertise in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technologies ranging from Enterprise Java Programming, Web Services to Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) implementation to writing BPEL and BPMN Standard based processes writing. The unit also has strong experience in Mobile Application writing and building Unified Business Intelligence Dashboard across multiple channels.