Banking Domain

Banking Domain

Our product engineering services take care of the entire software product life cycle.

We specialize in the product engineering area by working with our partners from innovation to delivery of a product. The product engineering solutions at genx covers multiple domains and technology platforms. We work with our partners to closely understand the business requirements and develop a solution that meets the requirement.

Being a core technology development organization, we specialize in all the phases of the software development. From beginning with the requirements phase, design, coding, testing and integration, we have expertise in creating the final product that matches closely with the business requirements.

It is difficult to always know the exact requirements up front. That’s where our technical experience helps our partners in identifying the most appropriate development methodology for the product. This also helps in handling the change easily without impacting the product development.

We understand that a product is critical to the success of our partner’s business and hence the timelines cannot always be time boxed. There will always be critical internal or external factors that cannot be ignored during the journey of development of your next big product.

Be it the trusted agile development methodology that follows an incremental approach or structured waterfall development, our teams have hands on experience in using the most appropriate development solutions for the requirements.

Following is our product engineering lifecycle:

  1. Requirement Definition:We begin by defining the functions of the intended solution. Analyzing requirements and careful system study helps in identifying gaps and later we formulate them into clear solution specification.
  2. Design:Based on the solution specification, clear actionable work breakdown items are designed for the development.
  3. Implementation:The development phase. It includes business requirement implementation by distribution of high level work item into development items and its implementation.
  4. Integration Testing:Testing the product by creating the end to end use case scenarios.
  5. Deployment:Package and deploy the solutions on client environments.

At each stage, we use industry standard metrics to assess the performance of the product journey. This not only helps us in making a good product decision but also to our partners in minimizing time and cost that goes in correcting the mistakes at a much later stage.

We, as an offshore development partner of DPR Group, UK have been providing full scale development, testing and business analysis services to DPR in managing its banking product. Since 2007, we have developed core competency in the areas of product and business solution designing for banking domain. The solution provides management of retail banking products such as savings (retail and corporate), mortgages (residential and commercial), equity release and personal loans. For more information please visit

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