Our specialist teams are here to deliver value and help customers leverage new technologies to drive innovation in the areas of product and solution engineering.  Please read more to understand how our services can help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Product Engineering
At the core of any engineering solution, we believe that each business is different and the enterprise applications must be designed in line with the specific model and operational procedures that truly defines that business.
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Product Implementation
We provide customize product development services covering all phases from conception, design, development, quality assurance & testing to support & maintenance. We believe that innovation in product implementation is not only required to stay ahead of the competition but in the ever changing technology world, it is now the need of time to stay relevant.
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Solution Engineering
Our expertise in building solutions focused on middleware, integration and container native application development enables us to address typical business problems and bring them to a ‘solved’ state.
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Banking Domain
We specialize in the product engineering area by working with our partners from innovation to delivery of a product. The product engineering solutions at genx covers multiple domains and technology platforms. We work with our partners to closely understand the business requirements and develop a solution that meets the requirement.
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